Our Reunions

In our first three years, we provided 14 reunions reconnecting over 650 combat veterans and Gold Star Families. Each completed mission represents the hard work of unit planning committees, partnered with our staff, to create a unique reunion experience that reconnects brothers in arms and rekindles the warrior spirit that bonds all of us!


The impact of COVID-19 has touched all of us, and like you we had to re-structure and pivot from our original plans. What we found during this time of forced separation is that the bonds created by our reunions remain strong and have been an essential source of support to the combat veterans we serve.

Squad Meals

WRF sponsored 'Squad Meals' where small groups of unit members who live near each other could get together and share a meal on us. We reunited 136 combat veterans and Gold Star Family members with this program.

Units Served

Virtual Reunions

WRF provided virtual reunions via Zoom reconnecting 156 combat veterans and Gold Star Families. While it's not the same as being together, these zoom reunions still have a meaningful impact: "For the first time, I realized just how heavy a toll being isolated and alone has taken on so many of us. While my pack got heavier with that knowledge, I know others’ got lighter - folks whose rucks were bursting...who felt they could not carry the load any more. We stayed up talking for 6+ hours. We’ve collected contact info for people we haven’t been able to contact before this meeting. We made plans to continue the fight to take care of each other. While it may seem a simple thing to you, setting up that zoom call for us will have lasting positive effects on, not only us, but our families as well.”

Units Served