Reconnecting America’s Warriors

Every combat veteran deserves the opportunity to reunite, remember, and renew the bond formed in service to country, together. WRF is a 501c3 nonprofit built by combat veterans and run by veterans who are impassioned with helping our brothers and sisters in arms as they continue to navigate civilian life.

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Our Mission

Warrior Reunion Foundation supports combat veterans in overcoming the challenges of post-military transition by reconnecting those who served together overseas. We challenge stigma through shared experience, rebuilding essential peer support networks that enable our veterans to live with meaning, purpose, and positive impact in their communities. 

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Combat Veterans & Gold Star Families Reunited

Maintaining connection to our battle buddies is the key to combating the isolation our warriors feel in their transition to civilian life.

Reunions Provided At No Cost

And we’re just getting started. Demand for our support has never been higher, and the need for connection has never been more urgent.

Increased Community Engagement

94% of post-reunion survey respondents said that attending their reunion “strengthened their social connections with their military family.”


  1. What’s at Stake?


    ​America’s warriors share an unbreakable bond. Formed in the cauldron of combat, the connection between those who have fought our nation’s wars endures long after the fields of battle fall silent. But as our veterans transition to life after service they often find themselves separated from their most important resource: each other. Warrior Reunion Foundation solves this problem. Our reunions help warriors thrive in life after service by building peer support networks one unit at a time.


In the News

Marine unit featured on HBO reunites in Montana

Their reunion was made possible by the Warrior Reunion Foundation, a non-profit organization that brings combat veterans back together, often in scenic places like Camp Rotary, in the Little Belt Mountains.

The platoon is noted for being the subject of the 2004 book Generation Kill, based on Rolling Stone reporter Evan Wright’s time embedded with the unit as they led the 2003 invasion of Iraq, later made into an HBO miniseries of the same name.

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Marine’s Mission To Reunite With His Brothers In Arms Became The Stepping Stone For A Foundation

James Ferguson would say that the creation of his organization, Warrior Reunion Foundation, all happened by accident, but many of the best things tend to happen that way. During his six years of service as a Marine Officer (2013-2017), Ferguson completed a combat deployment to Afghanistan in 2010 where he led a unit of Marines in the Kajaki region of Helmand Province.

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The Warrior Reunion Foundation Is Serving A New Generation Of Combat Veterans

Veterans Day is a time to remember and honor the sacrifices of the brave men and women of our Armed Forces. No matter when or where they served, there is a bond between them which will never be torn apart. Sometimes that bond needs to be fortified through love, support and an understanding some veterans struggle more than others upon returning home. That’s where the Warrior Reunion Foundation (WRF) steps in.

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