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May 2010: Kajaki, Afghanistan

​​In May of 2010, the Marines of India Battery 3/12 deployed to the volatile Kajaki district of Helmand Province, Afghanistan. For the next 7 months, they would be involved in daily contact with a well entrenched enemy force while securing the critical infrastructure of the Kajaki Dam. With over 25% of the unit wounded and 5 Killed in Action, the men prevailed in the toughest fight of their lives together. Their deployment bonded them as family - brothers in arms - who would forever share a commitment to each other.

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May 2015: Reunited

In the years that followed, many found themselves in a new fight: the fight to find their next mission in post-military life. The unit needed to face that challenge like they had all others: together. Five years after their return from combat, India Battery renewed their commitment to each other. On Memorial Day Weekend 2015, the Marines of India Battery reunited, joined by the Gold Star families of those they lost. Together with a community that rose up to support them, the Marines celebrated their history, honored their fallen, and connected with actionable resources to support each other.

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A New Mission

Out of that life-changing and life-saving event, the Warrior Reunion Foundation was born. Our team's mission is to ensure every unit has this same opportunity to reconnect. We leverage our experience, partnerships, and resources to deliver unparalleled, all-inclusive unit reunion events that enable warriors to reunite, remember, and renew together!

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Today, Tomorrow, & Beyond

In our first 36 months, we reunited over 650 combat veterans and Gold Star family members. While COVID-19 led to the postponement of our traditional reunions for 2020, the need for the personal connection our program provides has never been more pronounced. We have hosted virtual reunions via Zoom connecting 181 combat veterans and Gold Star Family members. We are also sponsoring 'Squad Meals' enabling small groups of unit members who live near each other to join together and share a meal on us. We have reunited 136 combat veterans and Gold Star Family members with this program. Our traditional reunion program will return for 2021 , and it is shaping up to be our largest year yet. We have 11 reunions scheduled in order to reconnect up to 1000 combat veterans and Gold Star Family members!

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