C Co. 2nd BN 508th PIR

"“We need our tribe, whether we’re still in or have ended our military service. The strength of the wolf is the pack.”

November 22-25, 2019 - Austin, TX

From Friday November 22 to Monday November 25 the Soldiers and Gold Star Family members of Charlie Co. 2-508 PIR executed a reunion in the rolling hills of Dripping Springs, TX. Throughout the weekend, the more than 50 members of the unit had the opportunity to reconnect while participating in activities that reignite the warrior spirit and renew their sense of purpose. During the evenings the unit was able to reconnect around a mesquite wood camp fire, listen to live music from the Ripps Brothers, and enjoy local barbecue. A memorial service was held to honor their fallen and Gold Star Family members in attendance. Retired Army General Vincent Brooks joined the unit for a meal and Gary Sinise sent a video expressing his appreciation for the unit and their sacrifices. The unit members and Gold Star Families were able to participate in a service project to deconstruct and re fabricate facilities at Service Dogs Inc. They went on to spend time swimming and hiking in the nearby Milton Reimers Ranch State Park.

Feedback From The Troops

What was your favorite aspect of the reunion experience?

"The service project, since it allowed us to work together again as a team. Most veterans events/services bombard guys with swag and "how we can help you" programs. However the service project helped lead us to do something meaningful, help others and showed that we still have a lot to give. As Veterans it's that selfless service that set us apart from civilians and doing it again with the guys we served was was incredibly healing."

"As I continued my active military service after leaving the unit, it was amazing being able to reconnect with brothers I ‘grew up with’ in the military.  That connection ranged from excitement on seeing them for the first time and the goody recollection of shenanigans as privates to sharing memories of battles fought and brothers lost.  It still blows my mind how many lives this event changed, including mine.  I am extremely grateful to the WRF for bringing my tribe back together!"

“I'm a Gold Star Mom and I didn't have any connection to the men my son served with. The reunion opened this up for me. I finally met the men that were in the vehicle with him when he was killed, several of them were injured as well. The reunion opened doorways to connections with these men and even with those who didn't come to the event. I realized that I needed this more than I had even known. It's helped to heal a part of me that I didn't even know. I feel a deeper connection to my son, even though he's gone, he had a strong warrior spirit that I could never quite understand and yet he lives on in these men.”

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