Charlie Co. 2nd Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment

May 3 - 6, 2024 | Lebanon, TN

For the second time since 2019, the combat veterans, Gold Star Families, and guests of Charlie Co. 2nd Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment reunited. In 2019 they came together in Dripping Springs, Texas. That reunion was sponsored in part by the Gary Sinise Foundation. This year, they came together at Cedars of Lebanon State Park in Tennessee, and once again, the Gary Sinise Foundation generously supported their reunion.

As soon as they arrived, the veterans and Gold Star Families began a poignant process of reconnection. For some, it was a renewal of bonds formed in Afghanistan, while for others, it was an emotional first meeting with the families of their fallen comrades. The reunion activities fostered a deep sense of community and support among all attendees.

A highlight of the reunion was a visit to the Stones River National Battlefield, a site steeped in Civil War history. Here, the group engaged in a service project, cleaning some of the headstones of the over 6,100 Union soldiers buried there. This act of service is a cornerstone of what our reunions aim to promote: a continuing dedication to service, reflecting the enduring spirit of those who have served our country.

After the service project, the veterans headed to the Nashville Gun Club and participated in the club's sporting clays course. The event was not only about marksmanship but also served as a dynamic exercise in camaraderie and friendly competition, core elements deeply rooted in military culture. For many, this was an opportunity to refine their shooting techniques under the guidance of experienced club staff, including fellow veterans who offered tailored advice at each station.

As the day wound down, the group gathered around a campfire, a setting that naturally fostered sharing and reflection. Amidst the laughter and the crackle of the fire, stories were exchanged—tales of past deployments and fond memories of comrades. This intimate setting allowed Gold Star Families and guests to hear personal accounts of their loved ones, further deepening their understanding of the bonds formed in service.

The day underscored the pillar of wellness,

providing a therapeutic environment where veterans could reconnect with their military family and share experiences that contribute to long-term healing and resilience. The event highlighted the strength of shared experiences in fostering a lasting sense of community and support among veterans and their families.

The Gold Star Families and wives of Charlie Co., 2nd Battalion, 508th Infantry Regiment, had an enriching visit to the headquarters of the Gary Sinise Foundation, where they explored the facilities and gained insight into the foundation’s extensive work supporting active-duty military personnel, veterans, and first responders. This visit highlighted the foundation's significant role in aiding those connected to military service, including the families and comrades of Charlie Company.

Meanwhile, the combat veterans of Charlie Co. spent a relaxing day together, engaging in activities that allowed them to reconnect and share memories. Some revisited experiences from their deployments through videos, reflecting on their service years between 2007 and 2013, while others enjoyed the natural beauty of Cedars of Lebanon State Park in Tennessee, making the most of the serene environment to rejuvenate and bond.

The reunion concluded with heartfelt goodbyes and a renewed commitment to stay in touch, underscoring the enduring bonds formed through their service and shared experiences. The Warrior Reunion Foundation anticipates continuing its support for these heroes and their families, looking forward to facilitating more such reunions that provide healing and connection.