Charlie Company 1st Battalion 24th Marines

September 10, 2023 Lansing, MI

Charlie Co 1/24, held their reunion at the drill center that the current members of Charlie Co. drill out of in Lansing, MI.

The currently serving Marines of Charlie Co. included the veterans and their families in a family day at their drill center. The event brought together a unique blend of past and present warriors, symbolizing unity and shared history.

In 2003, Charlie Co. was entrusted with the crucial task of ensuring security for Forward Arming and Refueling Points during the "push" into Iraq. The company's platoons were sent to different areas, extending their support to operations in several cities including Jalibah, Nasiriyah, Diwiniyah, and Al Kut, among others. In recognition of their exemplary service, the unit was honored with the Presidential Unit Citation. Once their mission in Iraq was accomplished, Charlie Co. was reassigned to Camp Commando in Kuwait. There, they continued their security responsibilities and also dispatched individual Marines to participate in various convoys across different regions of Iraq.

Later, the veterans converged at VFW Post 6132, commanded by one of Charlie Co.'s own, for a memorable evening of reconnection.