Combined Anti Armor Team (CAAT) Team A Weapons Co. 3rd Battalion 1st Marines

July 14-18, 2023 | Sante Fe, NM

The CAAT A 3/1 reunion in Santa Fe, NM, marked a significant milestone, attended by Colonel Phil Tracy (ret), former battalion CO, alongside 15 other Marines and their spouses, including a first-time attendee. Over four days, the group engaged in culturally rich experiences, including the Cochiti Pueblo St. Bonaventure Feast Day, where they shared meals and observed ceremonial dances with the tribe, adhering to the cultural respect of no photography.

The attendees also enjoyed an outdoor concert in historic Los Alamos and organized a private gathering at Hyde State Park. Continuing a tradition of inclusivity, they reached out via group phone calls to comrades unable to join in person.

Col. Tracy played a pivotal role during the reunion, leading discussions on operational aspects of their past missions, providing invaluable insights. He expressed admiration for the event’s structure, noting its alignment with the Warrior Reunion Foundation’s (WRF) approach, suggesting potential future collaborations to connect with a broader network of veterans who could benefit from WRF’s initiatives.