231st Military Police Battalion

June 1 - 2, 2024 | Battleground, AL

Combat veterans of the headquarters element of the 231st MP Battalion reunited near Battleground, Alabama. For some, this was the first time seeing each other since their 2004 deployment to Iraq.

During that deployment, they managed military police units providing security, law enforcement, and Iraqi Police training in and around Baghdad. The unit was responsible for overseeing Route Irish, deemed the “world’s most dangerous road” at the time, Baghdad International Airport, and high-value detainee operations at Camp Cropper. They faced frequent enemy engagements and mortar attacks, resulting in several KIA and WIA.

The reunion offered these veterans and their families a meaningful opportunity to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice, rekindle bonds forged in combat, catch up on life events, and commit to staying in touch.

The reunion took place at Camp Liberty, a facility dedicated to supporting the military, its veterans, and first responders through training programs and reunions. The staff at Camp Liberty provided exceptional support, offering spaces and activities that allowed the veterans of the 231st and their families to reconnect and create new memories.

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