1st BN 4th Marines

“Getting to see the guys face to face instead of social media makes a big difference.”

August 23-26, 2019 - Camp Pendleton, CA

From August 23-26 the Marines, Corpsmen, and Gold Star Families of 1/4 reunited at Camp Pendleton, CA to celebrate the Battle of Najaf, Iraq and subsequent tour. The unit participated in an early morning hike up First Sergeant's Hill to the memorial crosses. An informal memorial service, log PT, and a tug of war was held followed by a unit dinner was at San Onofre beach. Author Karl Marlantes was the guest of honor and gave a talk to the unit and families.

Feedback From The Troops

What was your favorite aspect of the reunion experience?

“It was amazing being in the same place with my brothers who I hadn't seen in over a decade! There were so many moments that I hold onto from the reunion. The hike, tug of war, and the cornhole with all of my brothers past and present!”

“Just the overall experience of getting to see so many of my brothers that I fought with. I know many of us are not financially able to buy the necessary things needed to have a reunion, such as plane tickets, lodging, etc... Your organization made that happen and made it possible for many of us to be there that wouldn't have been able to otherwise.”

“WRF assisted me financially in attended the reunion. Without their support it would not have occurred...this was the first time seeing most of my Marines in 15 years. Words cannot express my gratitude.”

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