Extending Our Table

November 26, 2020

This time of year allows an opportunity to sit alongside our loved ones as we reflect on things we hold most dear to our hearts.

We could not be more proud of the community we have built through our reunions. Our organization is inspired by the strength of our combat veterans. Our team has watched in awe as unit members reconnect after years apart, lending hands of support and open arms for hugs to Gold Star families, while providing a venue for crucial conversations to enhance the mental, emotional and spiritual fitness of our attendees. This unique community has become the Warrior Reunion Foundation’s family. 

This year we extend our table further and show gratitude for all the incredible heroes that make up this country. Our first responders, healthcare professionals, and essential workers never missed a beat in response to COVID-19. They stepped up, and continue to do so, to ensure our health and safety remain intact. 

And most importantly, we extend our table to YOU -our donors, followers, and supporters– our family. Without your generosity, Warrior Reunion Foundation would not be able to provide the resources needed to complete our mission. 

Thank you for your trust.

Have a healthy and wonderful Thanksgiving. 

-Warrior Reunion Foundation